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Whether you have already found the gun you want or are still searching online, we are here to ensure you can connect with the right Virginia FFL to make for a smooth transaction. Do you live in the capital and need a Richmond FFL that will receive your new rifle and offer the lowest transfer fee? Are you a resident of the independent city and need a Newport News FFL that offers competitive rates instead? Regardless of what you are after, our extensive list of local dealers makes shipping a gun to you easy and convenient.

Of all the states to navigate, Virginia gun laws can be confusing for those who have just moved to the area. In general, they are fairly friendly to shooters, operating under a shall-issue method of permitting for concealed carry and allowing for open carry in most areas without a permit. On the other hand, if you talk to your Virginia Beach FFL, he will explain that there are local restrictions on what you can carry in that city. A Norfolk FFL is likely to tell you the same thing. Regardless of what city you are in though, you can trust that you need the gun shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).

Avoid Excessive Transfer Fees at a Virginia FFL Gun Dealer

Designed with the goal of including as much information as possible, the FFL Easy gun dealers directory offers physical addresses, contact information, and often includes transfer fee rates of many of the best local dealers. Perhaps instead of searching in your town you live close enough that you want to check a Chesapeake FFL instead. Thanks to our convenient system, you can look there as well. So, when you want to find the nearest FFL in VA, remember there is only one place that you can really trust to help.

If you are looking for more information on the process, check out the FFL Beginner’s Buyers Guide.

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