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Are you looking to purchase a firearm online but you aren’t a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL)? When you need to locate the nearest Texas FFL and want to compare transfer fees to find the best deal, FFL Easy is the place to start. Our gun shop online directory was designed with the modern shooter in mind, taking away the guess and allowing you to find what you need. Whether it is a Houston FFL, San Antonio FFL, Dallas FFL, or any other city you can think of, we can help.

When you consider Texas gun laws, there are few states more welcoming to the modern shooter than this fine state. While open carry is restricted to those with a legal permit, the state operates under a shall-issue law, which means those who qualify can get a permit without too much trouble. Naturally, just because the gun laws are relaxed doesn’t mean just anyone can receive a firearm shipment. Instead, you need to have an FFL receive your shipment.

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While advances in firearm technology might make weapons more accurate and reliable, the truth is that many dealers today still rely on the outdated technology of fax machines to send their information. As you likely already know, these are not the most reliable method of sending data, but often the most convenient. Working to bring the industry into the 21st century, FFL Easy uses a convenient online system that allows you to get the information from your local dealer without having to worry about phone calls, faxes, and extra waiting time.

When the time comes to locate the best FFL gun dealers in TX, our directory is here to help. Just select your city from the list below, browse through the entire state catalog, or search for a specific dealer in the box above. Whether you need an Austin FFL, Ft Worth FFL, or you live in a small town, just follow our 3-step system and you’ll be able to get that firearm transferred quickly. 

For a more complete explanation of the process, please check out our FFL Beginner’s Guide.

Featured On File Gun Stores in Texas

    4707 HWY 36 S #45
    Rosenberg, TX 77471
    Transfer Fees Handgun (Pistols and Revolvers)$25 Long Gun (Rifles, Shotgunsand AR Pistols)$25 NFA (Short Barrel Rifles and Suppressors)$75

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