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If you have never ordered a gun online before, then you might need to search for a Tennessee FFL near you that can really meet your needs. Whether it is a Memphis FFL you are after or you live in a smaller town, it helps to have a handy reference tool where you can look for details. Here at FFL Easy, we don’t just offer you a directory. Instead, we offer the solution to internet firearm transactions.

Tennessee gun laws are fairly easy to understand, but there are a few limitations you might encounter. If you live in the capital, you might speak with your local Nashville FFL and ask more about the specifics, but in general open carry of a handgun is permitted so long as you get a carry permit, which is offered on a “shall issue” basis. Of course, no matter where you live in the state, whether it is a big city or a small one, you will need to have an online purchase shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).

Receive Your Guns at a Tennessee FFL

A well-known city, you may need a Knoxville FFL so you can pick up that gun you ordered. You might also look for a Chattanooga FFL, or Clarksville FFL, or select from a more complete list of cities within your great state. Though you might only know of one or two dealers in your area, you may be surprised about just how many there are available to choose from. Our directory not only offers a list of these licensed gun dealers, but it also includes essential information and often indicates standard transfer fee rates. Regardless of where you live, if you need a FFL in TN, you have found the right place to search.

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