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Ordering guns online gives you access to a variety of different options that you might not find at your local South Dakota FFL. Despite this, federal regulations require you have that gun shipped to a local dealer for transfer to your ownership. To help pair you up with the right dealer for you, FFL Easy brings the gun industry into the 21st century and offers plenty of options to explore for your next firearm transfer. When it is a Sioux Falls FFL you are after or perhaps a Rapid City FFL, or any smaller city around, we can help.

Before you order any firearms online though, it is important that you consider the local South Dakota gun laws. Fortunately, these laws tend to favor the modern shooter, starting with the fact that open carry is generally permitted throughout the state. Beyond this, shooters can also obtain a concealed carry permit on a “shall issue” basis, which means you cannot be denied if you meet all the legal criteria. Despite these generally friendly laws, you still need to pick out the right Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) to receive shipment of any gun you order online.

Locating the Right South Dakota FFL Dealer by ZIP Code

The purpose of FFL is not just to serve as an online gun dealer directory, but also to help facilitate the easy communication between online seller and dealer. We strive to provide you with all of the necessary information, including the dealer’s license number and standard transfer fees. Of course, you will still want to speak with your local FFL before choosing them. Whether it is an Aberdeen FFL, Brookings FFL, or a Watertown FFL, among others, we can definitely help you find the right one.

Whatever city you might live in, when you need a FFL in SD, there is no better place to look. For additional information and tips on ordering firearms online legally, make sure to read our helpful Beginner’s Guide.

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