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When you are ready to order a gun online and need to find a South Carolina FFL right away, this is the place to be. There are plenty of big cities in your home state, so perhaps you are after a good Columbia FFL to offer you the best transfer fees on rifles. Alternatively, you might live in Charleston and want a Charleston FFL that provides you with the most convenient experience. Or, maybe you found that the local dealers are not who you want to deal with, so you want to search for a North Charleston FFL instead. Whatever the case might be, you won’t find a better directory than FFL Easy.

South Carolina gun laws are pretty standard and tend to favor the rights of the people. They work under a shall issue system for concealed carry, which means anyone can get a license so long as he or she meets the set criteria and passes a background check. However, open carry is not permitted for handguns, but is allowed for long guns. For NFA weapons, the state defers to federal regulations. With those federal regulations, you also must have any firearm shipped from out of state arrive at a Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL).

South Carolina FFL Transfer Locations

Taking the gun dealer directory to the next level, we have designed this site to make ordering guns online easier than ever before. Instead of worrying about whether a fax has made it through, as so many in the industry still do today, our convenient system helps to pair you up with a gun dealer that is able to help. As you can see, you can search individual cities to locate a Mount Pleasant FFL, a Rock Hill FFL, or even any of the small towns you might live in. This makes finding a FFL in SC easy and convenient.

If you are new to the process of ordering firearms online, make sure to also read the FFL Beginner’s Buyers Guide.

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