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No matter where you are ordering your gun from, if you want it transferred from an online dealer, you will need a Pennsylvania FFL to get started. Understanding how confusing and difficult the transfer process can be for the modern shooter, FFL Easy was established to make things as easy as possible. We offer a federal firearms license database of your local dealers and allow you to sort through the options to find one that really fits your needs. This way, you can find an Allentown FFL, Pittsburgh FFL, or Erie FFL just as easily as you might find one in your small town.

Overall, Pennsylvania gun laws are generally unrestricted, but those concerned with privacy may not be a fan of all the policies. They do require new handgun purchases to be registered in a state database, which law enforcement maintains as a sales record. Despite this, they do not require registration overall and they do offer concealed carry permits under a “shall issue” basis. More than this, open carry is allowed throughout most of the state, but if you talk to your Philadelphia FFL, you will find that this is not the case in your city. Lastly, any firearm you purchase online needs to be sent directly to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) if you hope to receive shipment.

How to Choose a Pennsylvania FFL

Offering listing information by location and including pertinent information like phone numbers, licensee number, and more, we make it easy to sort through the dealers nearest you. Since we also have transfer fee information for many of those dealers, you can even compare your current Reading FFL and see if there might be a better option out there.

When you are after the best FFL in PA, remember that there is no online directory better equipped to get you started. We have even prepared a FFL Beginner’s Guide / How to Buy a Gun Online, which provides you with the details you need to better understand online transfers and get started if this is your first time.

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