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Before you head off into the web to look at various gun dealers that might have your product in stock, you may want to slow down and ensure you have a good Oregon FFL ready to handle the transfer. Providing you with a great directory to conduct your search, FFL Easy brings the firearms industry into the 21st century by providing a convenient platform to locate dealers near you. This way, that Portland FFL you have been looking for is just a phone call away.

Oregon firearm laws can be a mixed basket for locals, but overall you have the liberty you need to carry your weapon for self-defense. Namely, this is due to the fact that open carry is legal statewide, allowing anyone eligible to own a firearm to carry. Additionally, permanent residents are granted concealed carry permits on a “shall issue” basis, making it easy enough to get one. On the other hand, Oregon State Police maintain a record received from local FFLs for 5 years after purchase. And of course, you can’t get around the federal restrictions requiring you to have a local Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) receive shipment of any guns you order online.

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Did you just order a new concealed carry handgun and need it shipped to your local Salem FFL but don’t know who is closest? Is your old Eugene FFL out of business and you need to find someone new? Are you hoping to get a better deal on transfer fees from a Gresham FFL? Or, maybe this is your first time shopping online and you want to ensure you can trust your Hillsboro FFL to take care of business right. Whatever the case might be, we are here to help you along the way.

So, when you are looking for the best FFL in OR and want to explore options around you, FFL Easy is here to help. To learn more about online firearm purchasing and transfers, make sure to check out our How to Buy Guns Online Legally Beginner’s Guide.

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