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While you might have found the right price for the rifle you have been looking for, ordering it online won’t work out too well if you don’t have an Ohio FFL to receive the shipment for you. By federal law, any gun purchased online needs to be transferred through a registered gun dealer, which is why it is important you find one close enough so that you can take care of business. Here at FFL Easy, we make finding that local dealer easy and convenient. This way, you just worry about ordering the gun and let us help you take care of the rest.

Ohio gun laws are very friendly to firearm owners, offering traditional open carry for law-abiding citizens and requiring no form of permits for purchase or registration requirements. They operate under a “shall issue” basis for concealed carry, though they do have more requirements than some of the other states out there. Among the many states, Ohio is one of the select few that also has a “shall certify” clause, which requires a sheriff to certify an application for NFA firearms within 45 days (assuming you meet eligibility requirements). Though they might be very friendly in allowing for personal defense, you still need a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) to receive any gun you order online.

Working with an Ohio FFL

Whether it is a Columbus FFL, Cleveland FFL, Cincinnati FFL, or any other city you might be searching in, you don’t have to stress out when you need a local gun dealer. Designed to make your search as convenient as possible, FFL Easy offers a complete directory that allows you to conduct a FFL license search by name. Maybe you just need the nearest Toledo FFL, or perhaps you want an Akron FFL that can offer you the best transfer fees. Whatever the case, you can search by state or by individual city to find what you need.

When the time comes to find a FFL in OH, remember there is no place more convenient to take care of business than right here online. If you have questions about the process or just want some additional information, make sure to read our How to Buy a Gun Online Guide.

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