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Ordering firearms online is great, but when you live in a state like yours, you want to make sure you consult a New Jersey FFL before doing any of that shopping. Understanding how difficult it can be to navigate online shopping in states like New Jersey, FFL Easy was built to offer a complete dealer directory, allowing you to sort through the local options and find exactly what you need. This way, you have just as easy a time finding that Edison FFL, or even as you might find a FFL in one of the smallest cities in the state. This way, you spend less time worrying about getting the gun and more time enjoying your purchase.

There may be plenty of reasons to live in New Jersey, but the state gun laws are definitely not one of them. To begin with, any rifle, shotgun, or ammunition can only be purchased by those who hold a purchaser identification card. While this card lasts a lifetime, those who want to purchase a pistol must get a separate permit, which lasts only 90 days. Considering that you can only purchase one pistol every 30 days and officials have been known to arbitrarily deny access, it can be a very difficult process. Beyond these laws though, anyone looking to order a firearm online needs to also make sure he or she has a local Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) to receive shipment.

Compare Your Local New Jersey FFL

Do you need to locate the nearest Jersey City FFL? Did you just move and need to locate the closest Paterson FFL? Are you unsure of whether or not your Elizabeth FFL offers you fair transfer fees? Providing a detailed directory, FFL Easy helps you sort through all of these problems and come out on top. Our database not only includes location information of dealers, but it also allows you to easily contact them, provides license numbers, and often includes standard transfer fee information.

So, when you really need a FFL in NJ, you have come to the number one destination. If you are interested in learning more about online firearm transfers, make sure to check out our FFL Beginner’s Guide.

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