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While firearms laws in your home state might be friendly, you still need a good Maine FFL if you hope to order any new guns online. For far too long, the industry as a whole has been trapped in the 20th century, relying on outdated technologies and slow methodologies to transfer firearms from one state to another. Looking to remedy this problem, FFL Easy was built as a complete dealer directory, allowing you access to all of the dealers near you and giving you the sorting features you need. This way, you have just as easy a time finding an Auburn FFL as a Portland FFL or anything in between.

As you might expect from a state like this, Maine gun laws are generally very friendly to gun owners. Operating as a “shall issue” state for concealed carry, an October 2015 update to the law now allows anyone to carry concealed and openly. While local governments might restrict the discharge of firearms, the state is also one of the few that “shall certify” and uses a 15-day window for this. In other words, your local sheriff needs to sign off on that NFA firearm if you meet all legal requirements. Of course, federal laws often win out the day, so if you want to receive shipment of a firearm you order online, you will need a local Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).

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If this is your first time ordering a firearm online, you might be a bit confused as to how the process works. Using our directory, you can sort through all of the dealers near you and find one that fits your needs. Do you need the best transfer fees from a Lewiston FFL? Are you looking for the Bangor FFL nearest you? Perhaps a South Portland FFL might offer better options than your current dealer. Offering insight into the dealers near you, FFL Easy can help.

So, when you find that firearm you have been after and need a FFL in ME to receive shipment, remember there is only one directory designed to make your search as convenient as possible. If this is your first time buying a firearm online or you have any questions, please read our FFL Beginner’s Purchasing Guide.

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