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Whether this is the first time you ordered a gun online or you’ve done it more times than you can count, you still need an Iowa FFL if you hope to complete the transfer. If you aren’t a gun dealer yourself, this means finding one nearby that can help you receive that new firearm you are after. Whether you need a Des Moines FFL, Cedar Rapids FFL, Davenport FFL, or live someplace else, we can help.

Iowa may seem very unfriendly to gun owners on the surface, but those who learn to play by the rules will quickly see that they can work out just fine. In general, citizens are required to obtain a Permit to Carry if they hope to purchase a handgun for carry. This permit enables those individuals to carry weapons of any kind, both openly or concealed, throughout the state. Since there is state preemption of firearm laws, this means a permit holder is relatively free with his or her guns. Being that it follows such rigid rules though, it makes sense that you need to have any gun ordered online sent to an Iowa Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).

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At FFL Easy, our dealer listings are organized so you can easily search nearby to find all of the closest gun dealers. If you want to narrow down that search, you can even check within specific cities. Maybe you want a Sioux City FFL or a Waterloo FFL. With our convenient directory, you can sort through these options, compare transfer fees, and find the one that works best for you.

For your complete listings and to find a FFL in IA, you won’t find a better place to look than right here at FFL Easy. If this is your first opportunity to order a gun online or you have any questions about the process, make sure to read our online guide to get started.

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