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After searching and searching, you finally found that gun you were after online, but before you place your order, you might want to take a step back and make sure you have a good Indiana FFL at the ready. Designed as a modern gun store directory to help you find a local gun dealer when you need it, FFL Easy incorporates plenty of helpful features to facilitate your search. Whether it is an Indianapolis FFL you are after, a Fort Wayne FFL, or an FFL in one of the smaller cities, we can help.

While the official state website might discourage open carry of handguns, Indiana is generally a friendly place to live for firearm owners. It operates under a “shall issue” basis for carry permits, which means you just need to meet the standard requirements and you can receive a permit without hassle. Once you have it, you can carry both openly and concealed. Perhaps more significant, it is one of the few “shall certify” states, which means that those who are legally allowed to own a NFA firearm are required to be approved by the local sheriff within 15 days. Of course, as friendly as the state might be, it can’t overcome the federal requirement that ensures a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) receive shipment of any firearm you order online.

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As a full service directory, FFL Easy looks to take the industry into the 21st century by providing all the information you need to select the right dealer in your area. Are you looking for the closest Evansville FFL? Do you need a South Bend FFL that charges a better transfer fee than you are currently getting? Is your current Carmel FFL moving and you need someone who is close by? Whatever the case might be, we can help.

When it comes time to sort through these factors and find the right FFL in IN, remember that this is the best place to start. If you are interested in learning more about how online firearm transfers work or this is your first time using a gun dealer to receive shipment of a firearm, make sure to read our online FFL guide.

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