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With the amount of gun laws in affect in your state, it makes sense that you would want to develop a good relationship with an Illinois FFL. Whether you are purchasing a firearm online and need someone to receive it locally or you just want to find a good dealer nearby that you can trust with quality purchases, FFL Easy is here to assist. Search through our complete dealer database and find out whether your Chicago FFL actually offers you a fair transfer fee. Or, use it to locate the nearest Aurora FFL so you don’t have to travel too far. Whatever it is you need, we can help.

While cities like Chicago are notorious for their poor laws and high crime rates, Illinois gun laws are not entirely unfriendly towards firearm owners. On paper, the state operates on a shall-issue basis for concealed carry permits, but it is important to remember that there is some jurisdictional discretion. In addition to this, you already know that you will need a permit to purchase a new firearm. If you can deal with these local restrictions, you shouldn’t have too much trouble dealing with a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) as well.

Illinois FFL for Easy Online Ordering

Whether you need a Rockford FFL, Joliet FFL, Naperville FFL, or you live in a smaller city and just want to learn if there is even a gun dealer in town, FFL Easy was designed for you. Our innovative system collects information on the best local dealers, allowing you to research names, addresses, contact information, licensee number, and, even sometimes, transfer fee information. Offering you plenty of flexibility with your search, you can either conduct a general search of the entire state or narrow down your options to include only your local area.

So, when it comes time to locate a FFL in IL, make sure to use our advanced gun shop directory to get you started. If you are looking to transfer a firearm you purchased online and want some more information on how we can help, make sure to read our How to Buy a Gun Online Guide.

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