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There are plenty of rules in your home state to begin with, but fortunately for you, there are still some options available online if you have a Hawaii FFL to receive your order. When you find that coveted firearm online, you want to make sure you can find just the right dealer nearby to facilitate your transfer. FFL Easy was built to ensure shooters from around the United States could gain the easiest access to gun dealers in their area. Whether it is a Honolulu FFL you are after, or you want to compare to see if you can get a better transfer fee from a Kaneohe FFL, or you live in one of the smaller areas, we can help.

Though there are plenty of reasons to choose one of those islands as your home, the Hawaii gun laws are not one of them. When it comes to owning a firearm, this is one of the least friendly states in the union. Not only are permits required to purchase a gun, but you also need to register your purchases with the state. While concealed and licensed open carry are theoretically possible, your local Hilo FFL can tell you that actually getting one is another story. Understanding how strict the local regulations are, it shouldn’t seem strange that you need any gun purchased online transferred to a local Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) first.

Deal with the Right Hawaii FFL

If you have dealt with firearm transfers before, you might be painfully familiar with just how tedious the process can be. Believing that things could be made more efficient, FFL Easy offers a complete gun dealer directory with access to all your local gun dealers. Whether you are comparing to see if your Kailua FFL charges too much of a transfer fee or you just need to find a Kapolei FFL near your home, our advanced listing features allow you to find what you need.

While you might be limited to the islands, when you need a good FFL in HI, make sure to start your search right here. If you are confused about how we can help or just want more information about online firearm transactions, make sure to also read our Beginner’s Guide.

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