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If you live in a territory like Guam, you might not have access to all of the options in the states, but with online shopping and a local Guam FFL, you can still get what you need soon enough. Online shopping is a sign of the times, allowing shooters to get all variety of guns they might not otherwise find locally. Of course, it can also be extremely confusing, especially since so many dealers are still trapped in the 20th century. Here to fix that challenge, FFL Easy offers a modern database that you can really use to speed up the process.

While those living in the mainlands might not realize it, you can actually own most standard firearms while living in Guam. Despite this, Guam gun laws are restrictive, requiring you to have a Firearms ID (FOID) to purchase any sort of gun. Once you do purchase, you must also register that purchase with your local government. Though the FOID is only valid for three years, it allows you to both purchase and openly carry handguns and long guns. Additionally, concealed carry permits are available on a “shall issue” basis, so most gun owners also find that it is easy enough to carry. Regardless of how easy it might be to protect yourself as a gun owner, you will still need a good Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) if you hope to receive shipment of any firearms you order online.

Handling the Legal Red Tape at Your Guam FFL

Since Guam doesn’t have traditional cities, FFL Easy is organized so you can search by location or zip and results even include local villages to help you find what you are after. We also offer insight into the dealers, such as transfer fees, so that you can compare options. This way, you might look at the closest Dededo FFL and decide that a Tamuning FFL or Yigo FFL might be a better choice.

When you are after a good FFL in GU, remember that we are always here to help.

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