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Whatever the gun might be and wherever you are ordering it from, before you place that order online, you might want to consult your nearest Washington D.C. FFL. By federal law, a local gun dealer must act as the intermediary for all online gun transactions, so if you want to streamline the process you will look to form a relationship with your local dealer upfront. At FFL Easy, we take the struggle out of this process and make online ordering easier than ever before.

While citizens are fighting hard to soften up Washington D.C. gun laws, the current landscape is still less-than-friendly towards the modern gun owner. Certain categories of weapon are banned entirely, magazines are limited to a 10-round capacity, and all guns must be registered with that state, also acting as a permit to own. Perhaps more significant than any of this, the District of Columbia is also undergoing some legal debate right now as to the concealed carry policies. In practice, they have been historically unwilling to offer permits to law-abiding citizens. In May 2015, courts ruled that permits should be issued on a “shall issue” basis, but this ruling is still not fully in effect while it is appealed. Naturally, if you want to order a gun online, you should start by connecting with a local Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).

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One of the best ways to help you navigate those difficult gun laws is to actually have a local FFL you can trust. FFL Easy was built as an all-inclusive FFL database, offering location and contact information on nearly every dealer in your area. We also work to get license numbers and often are able to provide transfer fees of our dealers, which means you go into the conversation knowing what to expect. Combined with our helpful and simple interface, you can quickly find everything you need.

So, whatever criteria you need to consider, remember that this is the best place to find a good FFL in Washington DC. If you are interested in learning more about how online transfers work and how you can get the best deals while ordering online, please read our FFL Beginner’s Guide.

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