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While that gun you found online might be just what you have been looking for, ordering it without having a Connecticut FFL to ship it to won’t do you much good. Realizing the difficulty that many shooters have today with online orders and transfers, FFL Easy was created as a one-stop directory. Connecting shooters, gun dealers, and online sellers together, we allow you to find the perfect match in your area and enable easy transfers.

Despite the fact that Connecticut is a licensed open carry and a shall-issue concealed carry state, it has a wide range of regulations that can even confuse a lawyer if you are not careful. Connecticut gun laws are extensive to say the least, with various limitations, such as restricting the transfer of “large capacity magazines” (anything above 10 rounds) since 2013. They also have some provisions about needing a permit to buy, limitations on “assault weapons,” and more. Even if you aren’t buying a gun online, you might want to find a local Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) just to help you navigate local regulations.

Connect with the Right Connecticut FFL

Once you have found the right FFL, ordering firearms online can be an easy process, but before you establish that relationship, you need to first find one nearby to work with. Here at FFL Easy, we offer a complete directory of gun dealers in your area, allowing you to find the one that fits your needs. For the major cities, we even provide narrowed down listings to help assist with your search. This way, you don’t stumble across a New Haven FFL when what you really want is a Bridgeport FFL. We also let you view many dealer’s transfer fees, which makes it easy to compare options.

So, whether you need a Stamford FFL, Hartford FFL, Waterbury FFL, or a dealer in any other city, FFL Easy is here to help. Remember, a good FFL in CT is only a click away.

To learn more about how online transfers work, make sure to read our FFL Buyer’s Guide.

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