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Living in your home state requires no shortage of independence, especially during the cold winters, but no matter how far away from the mainland you get, you can’t avoid an Alaska FFL if you want to receive shipment of a firearm you buy online. If you are purchasing your first firearm online, you may not realize it, but most sellers simply don’t provide you any sort of support or guidance on how to find a good local gun dealer to receive the weapon you order. Designed to help you navigate this process, FFL Easy is here to help.

Being a state for the independent outdoorsman, it makes sense that Alaska has friendly firearm laws. Both open and concealed carry are allowed without a permit, which makes it easy for the modern survivor to go about his business. Furthermore, the state operates under a “shall certify” policy, which means those who meet eligibility requirements will automatically be approved for an NFA firearm. Of course, regardless of how open the laws might be, you still need a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) to receive any guns you order online.

Find an Alaska FFL Dealer Near You

Living in a state so spread out can make it difficult to travel from city to city, so FFL Easy was designed to ensure you are able to sort options depending on your location. This way, you can find the dealers that are closest to you and quickly compare options. If you need an Anchorage FFL, you don’t want to be sorting through a list that includes a Ketchikan FFL as well. This is why we also let you sort your options by city, giving you the most flexibility. So, whether you need a new Juneau FFL, are looking to find a closer Fairbanks FFL, or just want better transfer fees from a Sitka FFL, we can help.

Though it might not seem like there are many around, when you need a FFL in AK, we can help you find one that works. If this is your first time ordering a firearm online or you just want to learn more about the general process, please check out our Beginner’s Guide.

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