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Have you found the perfect firearm online but need a local Alabama FFL to receive shipment? Thanks to our unique directory system, you no longer have to worry about whether you already have a local gun dealer in mind. Instead, you can sort through all of the best options in your area and take care of your transfer in 3 easy steps. Whether you need a Birmingham FFL, Montgomery FFL, or you live in a smaller city no one living elsewhere has ever heard of, we can help.

When it comes to firearm laws, you won’t find many states in the union that are friendlier than Alabama. Open carry is permitted in the state and concealed carry permits are on a shall-issue basis, which means anyone who meets the legal carry requirements in Alabama is eligible to apply. Having a state legislature that prevents local jurisdictions from limiting the rights of a gun owner makes your home state a great place to live.

How to Find Your Alabama FFL

Of course, ordering a gun online still requires that you have it shipped to a local Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). Designed to take all of the confusion out of finding the one nearest you, here you can find a convenient directory of the best options close to you. Search here for an entire state listing of gun dealers or narrow down your options to include only limited places like: Mobile FFL, Huntsville FFL, Tuscaloosa FFL, or any other local city. If you already have a favorite local shop, simply use the search feature to get the information you need and start the process. When you need a good, local FFL in AL, this is the ultimate place to turn.

If you still have questions, please continue to read our FFL Beginner’s Purchasing Guide.

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